A few weeks ago, I did a reading about a playing card deck I own, to ask how it would work for me in reading. The deck is the Kosen yaoi poker deck, meaning it has sexy, manga-styled men for the court cards. The pips are in an art deco style. I’ve not used it for anything, and since I’ve been exploring the Playing Card Oracles lately, I wanted to see how that system would apply to a poker deck without the PCO illustrations.

This deck has two Jokers. I wasn’t sure how to treat them, so I thought I’d apply them to make a “changing” card that has both a positive and a negative aspect. Loosely akin to the changing hexagram lines one might get in an i-ching reading.

PCO reading - how will yaoi deck work

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In my previous post, I did a reading with my Dreampower deck to ask if “Nick” would be offered a job for which he’s interviewed. As I mentioned, I’m not fully conversant yet with the Dreampower so I opted to do a tarot reading as well. I used my Lo Scarabeo Tarot and asked the same question: Will Nick be offered the job?


Knight of Swords – Page of Swords – Chariot – 8 of Coins – 6 of Wands

This is my favorite yes-or-no spread, from Tarot Prediction & Divination by Susyn Blair-Hunt. The card values are used to determine a positive or negative answer, and then the meanings are read for more information. In this picture I’ve raised the affirmative cards. It is a “qualified yes.”

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I did a couple of readings this week for a man I’ll call Nick. Nick wanted to know if he will be offered a job that he has recently interviewed for. I used my Dreampower tarot, which hasn’t gotten attention lately.


Nick has interviewed twice and is anxious, both for a response and to hopefully get this job. It entails a move to a new part of the organization he works for. Nick is a social worker who is burned out in his current job, which has earned him a physical attack and two death threats from clients this year.

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Today I have a short post, which I’m calling a Quick Tip. It is intended to be a small, bite-sized nugget of cartomancy goodness.

Today’s tip topic: Capture the Spread.

WrpitstopPenelope Pitstop — Wacky Races, (c) Hanna Barbera

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Did you ever have a reading, especially a daily draw, where you looked at it and thought maybe you should have stayed in bed? That was how I felt when I saw this yesterday.

Len_Daily_20140325Clouds + Cross + Whip

This is my Lo Scarabeo French Cartomancy deck. I saw the above cards and thought, “Whoa! That looks terrible!”

Now, I’m not a fan of the daily reading. It can be fun for practicing prediction and it does make the cards feel like part of one’s life. The problem is that a daily could apply to anything, and so even among experienced readers seems likely to be understood (in terms of specific occurrences) after the fact.

I got this negative trio and wondered what was in store for me. These are three of the negative cards in the Lenormand deck, and arguably the worst of the negatives. They mapped how my day played out very well!

I also will show how I used the tarot to try and provide more detail.

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I’d like to welcome any folks who are new to my blog, who found me through kajama.com. Some articles from my archives are published there today.


Besides greeting new visitors, this seems like a good time to take a short retrospective look at my blog.

I started this in blog in 2009. My about page talks more about who I am (and is probably due for an update!). The short version is that I’ve been working with the tarot since the early-to-mid-90′s.

In my first post, I wrote:

This blog will be about my adventures in working with reading cards, and hopefully over time will provide a nice English language resource for reading European cards that aren’t as readily found outside Europe.

I started this blog when I was going through a bit of tarot burnout and exploring other card systems. In particular, I was intrigued by the Lenormand deck and various methods of reading playing cards, particularly old systems which often used only 32 cards.

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I’m disturbed by the negative aspects that hover around the card reading community lately. It’s not new in the cartomancy world, where such aspects have existed or years: fractured communities, self-promoting gurus, megalomaniacs, artists seeking (relative) fame, and anyone looking to make a few bucks in the New Age market. The Lenormand deck seems to be causing a resurgence, since money and reputations are at stake.


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As I was looking through my music collection today, I put on an older album of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a UK pop artist whose music I’m a fan of. I bought her last album, Make a Scene, via amazon.com in late 2012.

“Make a Scene” album cover

It occurred to me that here was a reading opportunity. I wondered if the lovely Ms. Ellis-Bextor had anything new coming up musically, so I whipped out my trusty French Cartomancy Lenormand deck for a five card spread.

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A while ago I took a look at my shiny, then-new Law of Attraction Tarot deck.


Skimming the linked article, I was quite enamored with it when it was new. How has it fared in my collection over time?

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One of the big news items lately has been the missing Malaysian Flight 370. I haven’t followed the details of this news story. I know that a plane went missing, seemingly without a trace, and authorities are trying to learn what happened. Using my Dreampower Tarot deck (DPT), I asked: What happened to the missing airplane?  I further clarified this as: What are the circumstances surround it’s disappearance?


Before I talk about the reading, note that I used a broad question. A cartomantic detective would be better served by asking a series of more focused questions. Such as: Did the plane crash? Was it hijacked? Did something malfunction? If crashed, was it done intentionally? Is the plane is X part of the world now? Short readings that are like detective work, gathering clues and assembling a puzzle that illuminates the solution. That style originally prompted the tagline for my blog. I’ve noticed some good readers utilize this technique, but it seems to be little known; or at least, I’ve not seen it taught much.

I stuck with my broad question because I didn’t have the luxury to do several readings today. I used a practical variant of the Tree of Life spread. In some ways it can be considered akin to a categorized horary astrology chart.

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