8_maids8 Maids a-Milking: Cow-nting (counting) those cows!

Pardon me for appearing to slack off on this series. A rare headache on Friday turned into a head cold by Saturday, which is where I am today. Thinking has been a challenge, let alone writing. I’ve been trying to prepare for Christmas, and this cold cancelled some anniversary celebration plans. Still, one must soldier on! As I noted last year, the Twelve Days of Christmas actually refer to the twelve days after Christmas, so it’s okay if I continue this series into early January. Phew!

Today’s topic is going to be a quick and dirty look at numbers in terms of reading cards. [After writing this, it’s not as “quick” as I’d expected, but I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy reading it.]

It all starts with the meaning of numbers, which makes some people think of numerology, a stand-alone divination tool that works by calculating numerical data to learn about people through the meaning of their numbers. I’m not too keen on numerology, because the generation of numbers seems fairly arbitrary with too much variance for my taste.

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Nine Ladies Dancing: Move your body to a new state of being.

Most people who read tarot and other cards do so to help a person improve her life. Usually this comes down to counseling, in the sense of providing advice and guidance based on interpreting the cards.

This counseling tends to be through dialog and triggering thoughts in the mind of the person who receives a reading. More adventurous readers might recommend that their clients have meditation homework (I’ve done this), incorporate crystals or utilize modalities like aromatherapy.

For the adventurous reader looking to expand his arsenal, there is an interesting technique called “dancing the tarot,” originally described by Denning and Phillips and later adapted by Don Kraig.

MagickOfTarotDandP TarotAndMagicKraig

The Magick Of The Tarot (Denning and Phillips),
Tarot & Magic (Donald Michael Kraig)

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Ten Lords a-Leaping: Reading the cards requires a leap to a different state of mind.

In order to read cards successfully, I believe we have to make the leap into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. When we read cards, we are — or should be — in a state of mind different than the one we use talking around the water cooler (or coffee/tea pot!) at work, balancing a checkbook, cooking dinner or making love. Although it’s interesting to consider that all of these activities and reading cards have similarity in at least one respect: that of focus.

 Over time, most people develop or evolve their own techniques of focus. For me, as I shuffle the cards my mind naturally clears while I think of the question. This becomes a sort of non-thought, as if I’m left with the echo of the question which has cleared out unrelated thoughts and takes up my mental space without being anything concrete. That process has developed over time as I’ve worked with cards. What can a person just starting out do, or if extra help is needed to calm the mind?

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11_pipersEleven Pipers Piping: Sometimes a new deck calls with a siren song; a lure like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

In our materialistically focused society, people tend to like getting new things, and the New Age community is no exception. You can walk into almost any New Age store across the country and find a tantalizing display of expensive tschochkes, brick-a-bracks, collectibles and dust collectors available for purchase. People have always been hungry for shortcuts to heaven, or to ascension. It’s human nature.

There is nothing wrong with buying or having nice things, if a person enjoys them. I have collected various things myself over the years: miniature figures, books, video games, penguin items and — yes, tarot decks. The problem is when the collecting is for the wrong reasons.

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If you haven’t read it — or if you want more holiday in your posts — you might wish to visit last year’s series of posts inspired by the Christmas carol, Twelve Days of Christmas.

Muppets singing the Twelve Days of ChristmasThe original Muppets with John Denver. (Album link below)

Here is a link to the 12 Days of Christmas 2013 series.

And if you’re interested, you can buy John Denver & the Muppets: A Christmas Together. I think it’s outstanding, and has become a favorite in the last couple years.

12_dummersTwelve Drummers Drumming: Sometimes the cards bang on that drum until our thick heads get the idea.

I tried to come up with a catchier title for this post, but maybe being straightforward is the way to go. After all, our cards can be very straightforward when we read on topics that challenge us, or about situations that we have some kind of investment in. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause reading you don’t want to believe!


Most often that investment is emotional. We want to believe that good things are going to happen to us. That the guy or girl of our (current) dreams likes us, that our job or source of primary income is going to be stable and that we are going to win the lottery after we find a purple-horned, green-sock-wearing unicorn. Well, maybe not the last part!

So if we’re in a bind and turn to the cards, it can be hard to stay emotionally or mentally neutral to understand a reading, and even harder to accept an obvious message. If I’m really worked up about something, I generally won’t even bother with the cards, because I probably have the fight-or-flight response going to some degree. Or at least I’m agitated enough that sitting still is not going to happen (without a glass of wine, anyway).

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I’d like to give a shout out to a new podcast I recently discovered, the Ménage a Tarot podcast. The name is a play on “ménage a trois,” and the tagline reflects this: “three friends playing with a full deck.”
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Today I wanted to try a new technology to bring you this post. I used a tool called Adobe Voice to produce a narrated, video-based presentation. This is a tech demo, and I’d appreciate your opinion on the alternate format.

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Although you are seeing this post on a Tuesday, it reflects a reading from Sunday. I’ve experienced and posted enough readings that reflect accurate results in terms of the situation, I think it’s also important to show the readings gone wrong.(Forget Girls Gone Wild videos, let’s get those crazy cards filmed as Readings Gone Wrong!)

I ordered something from amazon.com and was surprised to see an option for Sunday delivery. I thought I’d go ahead and order, and see how that worked. (It’s been rolled out in various cities, but I hadn’t seen it until now.) Although the delivery estimate was Sunday by 8m, when I didn’t receive my package in the early afternoon, I began to wonder if it would show up. Will my package arrive today? Time to consult the cards!

20141123_package-arrive-todayWorld – 3 of Coins (Lo Scarabeo Tarot)

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On Saturday I had the opportunity to do a quick predictive reading with same-day confirmation. I wondered whether my partner would work his on-call shift at his part-time job, so I whipped out my trusty Lo Scarabeo Tarot deck to ask that question. As usual, I focused on the question and let my mind calm while shuffling the cards until I felt they didn’t need to be shuffled anymore. I had decided on a three-card spread, and this was the result:

20141123-will-he-work-today3 of Cups, Chariot, 8 of Swords (Lo Scarabeo Tarot)
Click for larger image

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