Although I’ve never been interested in kippers in general, I’ve always liked the Mystical Kipper illustrated by Urban Trösch. The False Person who looks like a female vampire; the Bereavement card that reminds me of Edward Gorey’s art; and the charming feel of the warmly lit, Victorian House; these all stand out to me. When I saw the Mystical Kipper in a local store a few months ago, I “grabbed while the grabbing was good.”

When I got them home and looked through the deck, I liked the artwork but wasn’t moved to read with it. The “people decks” like kippers and sibillas never appealed to me, as the abundance of people cards seemed too much of a crowd. I always thought the Lenormand seemed more balanced. So I set this deck aside.

I made efforts to clean out some of my card collection over the weekend and decided to give the Mystical Kipper an honest try. I used seven cards as a chakra reading, to see what’s going on in the areas of life as related to the seven chakras. I used a linear layout from left to right; so the first card on the left is the base chakra, the second card is the second or sacral chakra, and so on.

chakra_reading_20141109Click for enlarged view.
Chakra reading with left as base chakra; Mystical Kipper.

My first impression wasn’t great. Prison, Bereavement and Short Illness stood out as three negative cards which were hard to ignore!

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If a picture tells 1,000 words, then this picture could speak for itself.

A line outside the fortune-telling tents

However, this picture is feeling a bit quiet today, so I can share a couple of facts.
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This continues my previous post, using the Egyptian stones inspired by the Cartouche oracle cards, to look at current influences surrounding me in the context of work. It also mentions the Cartouche cards, some relationships between Cartouche and other oracles, and even an ancient Egyptian pun!

Again, this is based on a Tree of Life spread where the planetary aspects take precedence. I left off with Earth in the fifth position of Mars. I will continue with the lower half of the tree.

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I used my Egyptian stones, based on the Cartouche oracle cards, to take a brief look at influences at work and around me at this time. This is based on a Tree of Life spread where the planetary aspects take precedence.


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A reader of this blog, Justin, asked in a comment:

Do you have a specific tarot spread you would recommend for looking into situations at work?


My response was so lengthy I decided to turn it into a post. Here is my reply to Justin, which others may also find helpful.

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I made a set of Egyptian “rune” stones for myself. They are based on the much-loved (in some quarters!) Cartouche cards by Murry Hope. I recently obtained Cartouche for a bargain price. I got the Way of Cartouche book and deck kit. The cards in this set are doubled in size from their original printing, I understand, which makes them quite large — bigger than a tarot. I was interested in having something smaller, and with the recent winery visit I also had durability in mind.

preview-cartouche-stones-20140623I did a daily reading using the Cartouche star spread, and asked how my day would be.

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I’m attending a winery event this weekend, and was thinking about doing some readings there. It was popular when I did so the last time. However, part of me just wants to go, drink wine and enjoy myself. Without worrying about people unloading their problems, trying to find semi-privacy or — worst of all — watching that my cards don’t blow away in bursts of wind when sitting outdoors!

So I sought some advice from the cards. What do I need to know about reading at the winery this weekend? I chose the Dreampower Tarot.

reading_20140616Whirlpool – Child of Fire – 3 Fire (Intention)
Warrior of Earth – 10 Fire (Power) – 2 Fire (Leaping)

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I don’t know why, but even after after all these years with the Lenormand, their directness can still surprise and excite me.

The head of our department called the managers in my area for a private meeting this morning. Since two of them were on vacation, this was unusual and worrisome. I wondered what kind of news might come out of this. So I hit up the Lenormand to ask: what is the news that will be shared in this meeting?

lenormand_reading-20140527Birds – Child – Key – Bear – Roads

I used The Fool’s Dog iPhone app, although I’ve depicted here with my new Gilded Reverie Lenormand. For those of you who are newer to Lenormand, even though these cards may look a little different than older cards — for example this Birds card depicts more than two birds — they are read the same. Lenormand is Lenormand, no matter the deck.

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Here is a “quickie” reading I did midweek, at the office. I was having a bad day and feeling a bit stressed about some things at work, and thought maybe I should express my concerns to my boss. It’s a good thing I’m a card reader and can always get impromptu, impartial advice!

I asked: Should I express my concerns to my manager today?

rider-sketch  Lenormand Snake Sketch

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I am writing this on the bus, as I commute to work. I have a meeting today about a subject in my area of expertise, which includes a notoriously difficult individual whose approach is by nature brash and argumentative. While I’ve always thought he is just convinced he is always right, I recently suspect it’s just his personality. Some people are naturally argumentative in their approach, and from their point-of-view it’s just healthy communication.

Regardless, that’s the opposite of my style of interaction and I find the idea of this meeting and inevitable conflict stressful. I turned to the Lenormand to help with my approach.

I could look for the outcome of the meeting to see what I’m in for but I find that useless. Why do I want to hear that it will be good, or bad, or interrupted by a fire drill? That kind of soothsaying wouldn’t help me. I chose to ask a question that can help me out: Will a firm but polite approach result in a positive meeting from my perspective?


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